"Buying a home is the best investment any individual can make”- John Paulson

Since its inception in 1990 "Shree Group of Companies" does not only raise the pillars to complete the construction but we put our excellent ideas into it to give you the best. Guided by the simple, yet profound philosophy of “Building Lifestyle”, it has made us the leading real estate company in Thane residential market.

Shree Group is a well-known brand with a history of high quality standards, design originality, and transparency. The company's long-term objective, led by a team of visionaries, is to build spaces that are present-perfect and future-proof, mix seamlessly with their surroundings, and exude vitality and aesthetic appeal. Honesty, innovation, excellence, sustainability, and significance are all values that we cherish.

We believe that customer is King and thus we take pride and feel honoured to be a small part of success which comes from buying a dream home.


Our Mission

To provide affordable housing and a safe haven for people to profitably invest their money so assisting in development of our economy and extending a helping hand towards India’s mission of “Housing for All”

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Our Vision

To be the only True Real Estate Group that consistently delivers an EXCELLENT and CONSISTENT customer experience by conveying every decision on what’s best for:
» Our clients
» Our Company as a whole
» Individual team members


Land Acquisition

The company's long history has resulted in active ties with private landowners and government agencies, which aid in land acquisition and sourcing.

Project Approvals and Designs

We have a proven track record of getting all necessary permissions, including zoning and land title clearance. Internal design inputs are evaluated and audited by the most senior and trusted architects and structural engineers for refinement and execution.

Vendor Project Support

We have the same vendors and contractors working with us for more than 15 years which signifies our trusted relationship with them. This trust is the pathway of timely work completion which is the most important promise we give to our clients.



Our Team

Umesh R. Pawar Patil

At the age of 21 and after more than 3 years at the helm of another leading construction organization, Umesh R. Pawar Patil founded “Shree Group of Companies” in 1990 —initially working from his family home. The company quickly outgrew the home and over the period of next 30 years the company thrived and outgrew its competitors to become a recognized and respectable brand image in construction. A Civil Engineer, who trod over a very hard land to achieve today's success and today he try to pay the debt of the society by engaging himself in various social activities, D.C; B.E. (Civil Engineering)

Dishank U. Pawar Patil

Though being one of the biggest industries, construction industry is often linked to the most mismanaged industry too. In order to tackle such questions, Dishank joined Shree Group after leaving his job in USA and moving back to India. He is responsible for all the operations at Shree Group and aims apply techniques which he learnt from working overseas. He completed his B Tech in Civil Engineering from NMIMS University, Mumbai and graduated with Masters of Science in Construction Management from University of North Carolina, USA. He then went on to work as a Project Engineer at Caddell Construction having successfully completing projects worth $ 20 million.